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Women and Wisdom Welcomes All

Women and Wisdom is committed to providing an avenue for communion with self and service to others through encouraging people to awaken to their inner wisdom and passionate creativity.

We began in New York City in 1979 becoming a 501c3 Foundation in 2003 after years of conscious community building experiences and serving as a source of spiritual connection for thousands.

Our intention is to create events and communications focusing on the psycho-spiritual growth and creative well being of ALL persons, thus enhancing the human spirit and promoting conscious growth for all.  

We depend upon Tax Deductible contributions to continue our endeavors for the greater good. 


What's New!

Happy New Year 2024! 

January 17, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the release of Gloria Karpinski's new Audiobook, Midnight Rainbows, a Memoir.


Midnight Rainbows, Gloria's third book, is a memoir with Messages from her Lifelong Spiritual Quest. Gloria reveals her personal life events that prepared her to serve Spirit through her Healing Work, the innovative spiritual workshops, retreats, and yearlong programs from which so many of us have benefited, as well as her other two powerful book of teachings.  

Women and Wisdom has been privileged to have been part of facilitating Gloria’s Sabbatical time, in which many have generously contributed. This focused time enabled Gloria to create Midnight Rainbows, - a powerful legacy for us -- and for others yet to discover her Wisdom.

Thursday on January 18th, you will be able to download Midnight Rainbows Audio Book from her website. Additionally, Women and Wisdom is providing a downloadable PDF of her 25 Personal Codes for Living that are essential wisdoms for all that will be valuable touchstones.  Please sign up for our newsletter below for future communications.


My prayer for Midnight Rainbows is that it “shall travel far and wide and make them teachable.”

Gabrielle Beard


Gloria Karpinski

Book cover featured on beautiful cake with flowers

Gloria Karpinski and her family

Gabrielle Beard

Co-founder Women and Wisdom

Featured Artist

We will feature Women and Wisdom friends who offer programs and teachings that can empower and inspire you on your deepening Spiritual Journey. Our featured artist this month is Linda Beatrice Brown, author and spiritual teacher. Please click here to view.

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Encouraging people to awaken their inner wisdom and passionate creativity to benefit humanity

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