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We began in New York City in 1979 becoming a 501c3 Foundation in 2003 after years of conscious community building experiences and serving as a source of spiritual connection for thousands.

Our intention is to create events and communications focusing on the psycho-spiritual growth and creative well being of ALL persons, thus enhancing the human spirit and promoting conscious growth for all.  

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Opening To Boundless Love

An Online VIRTUAL Spiritual Retreat

 With International Spiritual Teacher & Author 

Miranda Macpherson

 May 25-29, 2020 via Zoom

Virtual Retreat on "Wake Up and Love" with Miranda Macpherson

May 25-29, 2020  ~ OnLine Through Zoom

Dear Friends,


I am so sorry that the global Coronavirus situation has meant that we are not able to gather together in person in North Carolina for our retreat next month. I am grateful that Women and Wisdom has offered to issue you with a full refund.   


I am sure you were looking forward to our time together in that incredibly nourishing setting as much as I was. Clearly the most important thing right now is that we all participate in halting the spread of this virus, staying healthy and protect those among us who are in a higher risk category.  Right now it is unclear what the future holds and when it will be not only allowed but also wise for us to gather together in a large group setting over multiple days as a residential retreat involves. 


Given that we must all stay at home right now, I have had a wave of inspiration to offer you a 5 DAY HOME RETREAT called WAKE UP AND LOVE: EMBODYING GRACE IN CHALLENGING TIMES from 25-29 May. This will take place via Zoom in the comfort and safety of your own home.  

Click here for full info.  


Three weeks ago I offered our first ever 5 day “Virtual Home Retreat” via Zoom. From this experiment, it is very clear to me that this virtual format can be extremely potent and the only real limitation is coming from our own minds! Over 40 of us found the way to chant, meditate, dive deep in inquiry with one another, engage in my new recommendations for self-nurturing practices and even do chair-work as we would in person, via Zoom. If you have ever done online programs with me, you will know that I am very experienced in sharing rich teachings and practice this way and was originally trained as a TV broadcaster.


The feedback from participants, many who are long-term Sangha members and retreat veterans, was full of amazement at how intimate and powerful it was….especially given that understandably, so many concerns are being triggered that we truly need support to be graceful with.


Here is what long-term student and retreat attendee Neal Rogin had to say about his experience on virtual Home Retreat last week.....


In my experience, being a part of Miranda’s first Virtual Home Retreat was as powerful, as intimate, as spiritually enriching as being at her in-person events. Thanks to the Zoom technology, all the elements of our shared practice — mantra, meditation, inquiry dyads, Miranda’s teachings, even chair work — come shining through undiminished.

At a time when we are being called — urgently — to deepen our commitment to our spiritual practice and to hold tight and strengthen our personal connections, it is by Grace that we are able to harness humanity’s most advanced technology in service of personal and planetary awakening.


My vision is to integrate the “Way of Grace” teachings and practices we would have been journeying with on the in-person retreat with a specific emphasis on the themes that I feel will best support us given these uncertain times - like harnessing fear, helplessness, uncertainty, and the unknown as a gateway into a deeper and fuller embodiment of our most noble qualities. In addition, on this home retreat, I will be emphasizing new recommendations for nurturing yourself on all levels, including mindful movement, walking meditations, even bath rituals, and ways that you can foster inner peace and holistic wellbeing. BTW, spiritual practices that reduce stress and cultivate equanimity is one of the most powerful positive things you can do to boost your immune system.  


If you would like to find out more about this offering click here.


In these uncertain times across the globe, let us remember that our deepest refuge is our spiritual practice and our loving care for one another. I remain dedicated to providing resources and opportunities to support you growing deeper roots in That which is never shaken, that you may open our heart to all that arises and become the most graceful, responsive, loving human being you were born to be. In these times, we are all needed now.    


Love to you – Healing to our World,


Miranda Macpherson


A Special Message from Miranda

When you tune into the news or social media these days, do you find yourself unintentionally reacting to the polarization, despair, sadness of what is going on in this world? Do you wonder how you might respond differently as you take all of this in?

Watch this video to see how not to get caught up in who' s the good one and who's the bad one, rather opening your heart to this collective suffering with compassion, becoming a more grounded, wise, mature and responsive and graceful human being. 

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