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Receiving the 

Blessings of Grace

With acclaimed Spiritual Teacher

Miranda Macpherson

Intensive 4 Day Retreat

November 14 - 17, 2019

Thursday at 1 pm - Sunday at 3 pm

Black Mountain, NC

(20 minutes East of Asheville)

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Women and Wisdom is committed to providing an avenue for communion with self and service to others through encouraging people to awaken to their inner wisdom and passionate creativity.

We began in New York City in 1979 becoming a 501c3 Foundation in 2003 after years of conscious community building experiences and serving as a source of spiritual connection for thousands.

Our intention is to create events and communications focusing on the psycho-spiritual growth and creative well being of ALL persons, thus enhancing the human spirit and promoting conscious growth for all.  

We depend upon Tax Deductible contributions to continue our endeavors for the greater good. 

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Receiving the Blessings of Grace with Spiritual Teacher, Miranda Macpherson

 November 14 Thursday beginning 1:00 pm thru November 17 Sunday at 3 pm ~ Black Mountain, NC   (20 min. east of Asheville)


Women and Wisdom is delighted that we will be hosting a November 2019 retreat with acclaimed spiritual teacher, Miranda Macpherson. For those who attended in 2017 and for newcomers, this is going to be an intensive weekend of spiritual renewal by Receiving The Blessings of Grace you won't want to miss. Alchemy of Awakening of Weaverville is joining us in co-sponsoring the Retreat.  

Be sure to check out Miranda's new book, The Way of Grace, that has been released with great acclaim. 

 Joy comes from being intimate with          your own heart.   ~Miranda Macpherson                    

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A Special Message from Miranda

When you tune into the news or social media these days, do you find yourself unintentionally reacting to the polarization, despair, sadness of what is going on in this world? Do you wonder how you might respond differently as you take all of this in?

Watch this video to see how not to get caught up in who' s the good one and who's the bad one, rather opening your heart to this collective suffering with compassion, becoming a more grounded, wise, mature and responsive and graceful human being.