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What nine months does for a growing embryo, forty early mornings with God will do for your growing awareness.”    ~ Rumi 

Clear Your Mind

Beloved Friend &

Spiritual Journey Woman

Mary Beth Ryan  ~   1952-2015

Meditation Hour 

MEDITATION HOUR with a community of like-minded seekers.   Warm, depth-full conversation, and a Guided Meditation followed by a period of Silent Meditation, then journaling individual Affirmation and Intention statements. Come join us and meet others on the Path.


        Resuming in the Fall



Women and Wisdom Foundation

610 Magnolia St. (Our Home)  Greensboro, NC   


Watch the Video invitation featured below offering a profound Way of Being offered to all seekers:

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Miranda Macpherson Retreat


Thursday-Sunday beginning at 1 pm until 3pm Sunday.   November 14-17, 2019 ~ Black Mountain, NC  Just 20 min east of Asheville, at Christmount Retreat Center Sponsored By

Women and Wisdom Foundation and Alchemy Of Awakening of Asheville

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