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In Loving Memory


We Shall Always Remember Joy's Loving Smile,  Beautiful Spirit and Deep Spiritual Devotion 

  1941-2019       Obituary

To have been loved so deeply, even though the person who loved us is gone, will give us some protection forever.”                                                                                           — J.K. Rowling

Miranda Macpherson Retreat

Opening To Boundless Love

 With International Spiritual Teacher & Author 

Miranda Macpherson

 May 28-31, 2020 

Women and Wisdom is delighted that we will be hosting a 2020 retreat with acclaimed spiritual teacher, Miranda Macpherson. For those who attended in 2019 and for newcomers, this is going to be an intensive weekend of spiritual DISCOVERY of Opening To Boundless Love that you won't want to miss. 


Retreat begins at 1 pm Thursday - Ends 12 pm Sunday, May 31.

Click here to learn more and register!

A Welcome Message from Miranda 

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What nine months does for a growing embryo, forty early mornings with God will do for your growing awareness.”    ~ Rumi 

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