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"Notice the Mystery that births everything into being. Birthed you into being. Vast, powerful and pure, it wants to itself. Wants you to know I AM."                                                ~  Miranda Macpherson

Discovering New Pathways to a More Authentic Spiritual Life.

Because we are facing unparalleled dynamic challenges in our World today, we are led to connect with one another as never before. It will be comforting to know that we are not alone on our shared journey.

Peace within and without will be more available if we are willing to reach out to exciting new areas of personal growth and sources of Grace. It is our aspiration that these PATHWAYS will be illuminating to each of you as we grow stronger and wiser together.

Featured Artist

We will feature Women and Wisdom friends who offer programs and teachings that can empower and inspire you on your deepening Spiritual Journey. Our featured artist this month is Linda Beatrice Brown, author and spiritual teacher.




(On the occasion of the Inauguration of Joseph R. Biden as

President of the United States of America)



Winged one, wise one, bird from ancient Africa, the turning one, retrieving what was missed,

Lead us to the nest of our inheritance.

It is gleaming there, the richness nearly lost.

It is waiting for the opening of our spirit, for the waking of our hearts, the gift primordial, the birthright, the blessing, the word.



Some have returned to the darkness that was hidden, to the toxins that pretended to be gone.

Some have insisted that the dragon owns the treasure and offered up their hearts for fealty and favor. Some have returned to taste the acid of the idol.

May they not be lost forever. May their journey to the turning take them home.



Symbol of our journey forward, lead us to Sophia, to the endless well of Grace, to yet another chance, another yes.

Before we cross the threshold into yet another time of reclamation, there are lessons to remember, gifts of endless possibility.



Lead us down into the spiral of the past for just a moment to retrieve what makes us real what makes us whole and breathing.

Then turn our feet like yours. As we go forward on our path, we recognize your flying always leads us to the future.

Be our courier, our crier, point our way with your great wings, led into renewal by your


Let us be Sankofa, flying into courage, our spirits leading to our promise and our joy.




© Linda Beatrice Brown


*Sankofa bird: symbol of the Akan tribe in Ghana: “Go back and fetch what is at risk of being left behind.”

Miranda Macpherson

Miranda Macpherson  is a powerful Spiritual teacher who's presence will inspire all who are ready to become part of this inflection point in Earths societal evolution.  We are pleased to share this video below on Non Dual teachings. Miranda discusses the I AM presence that we all inherently are and the ways of removing the obstacles and veils that close us off from the direct experience of the depth of our own being. Listen and learn how to loosen and dissolve the false identifications within us.

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