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Women and Wisdom Foundation is a 501c3 organization committed to providing an avenue for communion with self and service to others by encouraging people to awaken to their inner wisdom and passionate creativity. Our intention is to design and implement events and communications focusing on the psycho-spiritual and creative well being of all individuals, enhancing the human spirit and promoting conscious growth for all. Please consider making a contribution to help us continue our community endeavors for the greater good. All contributions are tax deductible

General Support: 

Women and Wisdom Foundation is primarily a privately funded organization without fundraisers, or consistent community giving. We would greatly appreciate any contributions so that we may continue to impact our Spiritual Community.


Make a Donation Today!:


Both credit and debit cards are accepted. You may also arrange to make direct deposits to our bank from yours.

When using the button below, please enter your donation amount in the popup window next to the label "Price Per Item." Thank You!!


Encouraging people to awaken their inner wisdom and passionate creativity to benefit humanity

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