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There were so many things about Miranda that touched my heart-- her presence certainly, her intense focus on each person who sat in the chair in front of her, the Spirit that just filled the room as she processed each person's "challenge, issue, pain, sadness...."  I looked around as she worked with each person, and I felt, witnessed, this enormous Love that flowed from her and from each of us toward her and the courageous person sitting in front of her.  It was as though each of us was participating in the healing of ALL!"    --Joan, S.C.



....Then there were the the "Mantras"--the whole room just vibrated, and we then entered into the silence--this has always been a huge challenge for me, but this time it was not!  The partner work we did using the "Inquiry"--how powerful!!



"Absolutely! Count me in!!!!!

I can’t wait to be with our group again and supporting each other!"  --Wendy, Asheville, NC







"What a life-changing weekend this retreat was for me!   What a pleasure it was to be among such a courageous group.   And although I have been working with Miranda's material for a couple of years now, her energy, and the energy of all the retreatants helped me to "get" some of it in a new, deep, and lasting way.  I am now starting over with THE WAY OF GRACE as a brand new beginner."  -- DC,   Chapel Hill, NC


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