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As we contemplate human behavior on our planet right now, we can’t help but see that so many are out of touch with their humanity, greedy, grabby, self centered. Egos are out of control, hurting themselves, others, the environment, causing despair and a sense of hopelessness. What can possibly change this trajectory? There is a very real need for more of us to become more awake, graceful, grounded in what is Real and connected to the deepest Love of our heart. When we begin to really See that we, and Nature are All being lived and breathed by the same Mystery, we naturally act more kindly, wisely, maturely. Aligned and open to this, we become what Miranda calls “Grace Delivery Devices” that affect everything and everyone around us.

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Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Spiritual Author and Teacher, Miranda Macpherson

We often think and live like we can gain Beauty, Love, Freedom, Joy in the realm of things and achievments. We try really hard until it dawns on us that it’s not possible to get “outside” of us what we can only find at the depths of our Being. We can come to know and abide in it because it is fundamentally who and what we are. Miranda offers a clear path through holistic self inquiry, diving in and through our experiences in heart, mind and body to see what and who is really here and for Grace to come awake in our experience and transform our life and to retrieve what she calls “the Jewel of Our Being."

Watch her video below:

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Teachings and Practices to Relax the Ego, Surrender Spiritual Resistance, and Rest in Your Vast Heart (Audio CD)

By Miranda Macpherson

A deeply loving and powerful teaching on our relationship with the Divine Mystery and each other.  With profound compassion for humanity’s struggles and lessons, Miranda offers an accessible pathway to the PEACE THAT PASSES ALL UNDERSTANDING.  The teachings open us up to greater understanding of the beauty, sweetness and never ending boundless love that is available to us if we are willing and open to SURRENDER to the ONE that is that LOVE.  May these words be your map to greater self love and love of all.

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