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To The Company of Pilgrims

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

To the fellow travelers,

the unlooked for blessings,

the gifts on the side of the road, 

the angels in the shadows,

the unexpected saviors,

the protectors from the storm,

the hidden treasures in the wilderness.

You who have been the company of pilgrims,

who have journeyed toward the Great Mystery with me,

you have brought shared nourishment,

diamonds of enlightenment,

shelter from the rains of sadness,

the courage of community,

songs of the sisterhood,

reassurance of the brotherhood,

the clarity of truth, and the renewal of hope.

I have been in the company of pilgrims.

We have walked the way together, 

you who have the courage of commitment and the vision of faith,

and I

certain that the way leads ever inward 

to the shrine of the Beloved

our sacred center.

In my heart there is a sanctuary of gratitude

where the deepest prayers of thanks are offered.

I hold you there always.

Linda Beatrice Brown— June 2019

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