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Updated: Aug 22, 2020

“You must learn a new way to THINK before you can master a NEW WAY to be.

-Marianne Williamson

It is clear to me that this Pandemic is allowing us to Rethink so much about our out-of-balance selves, our unequal society, and our multi-cultural nations and our mis-used Earth.

This Pandemic is slamming us all up against a WALL of inequality in our neighborhoods, our states, our nation and indeed the whole of humankind. For all the boundaries and walls that we attempt to erect to keep people out, COVID-19 is impervious to such illusionary safety nets. Death comes to all -- various time-tables, different END Times-- yet there are those that we seem to have brought to the front of the line in the great Pandemic of 2020. They are the poor, the unemployed, the homeless, those without insurance, the weakened and sick, those who have trampled on the NEW RULES for HUMAN DISCOURSE -- six feet away to keep from being 6 feet under. We are amazed at those who challenge the sanctity of science, as though the Creator of Everything and All doesn’t exist, has not set in motion the PRECISE laws of the Universe that govern us all.

As CONSCIOUS people it is our assignment to “learn a new way to THINK before we can Master a NEW WAY to be.” Especially during a world crisis and threat to our very lives. To me, a large part of NEW THINKING is fully WAKING UP TO LOVE. It is LOVE that dispels the darkness, that warms the HEART of HUMANITY, that kindles the spark of THOUGHTFULNESS and KINDNESS so needed if we are to recognize what separates us in our minds does not carry over into our hearts and our actions.

If we are truly to transcend this global challenge, we must conquer the habit of thinking in terms of US and OTHERS. There are no “OTHERS”. We come from the same SOURCE, and in remembering this, teaching this, demonstrating this in our everyday behavior, perhaps we will one day master a NEW WAY of BEING.

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